Check verification is a service that provides merchants with varying degrees of insurance against bad check losses by verifying the authenticity of each check and/or its presenter. Checks are verified through a national database gathered from retailers who upload bad check information. While check verification service is not required, this service does help keep your business losses to a minimum.  In addition, I would also like to let you know that check service does not ensure that a cardholders money is available, it simply verifies that the checking account is valid.  To first begin accepting check service, you will need to establish an account with Tele-check services, as they offer variety packages that include different check service features.  Once you have established an account, Tele-check will provide you a terminal id number (more commonly referred to as a TID), that we upload into your terminal that will allow for your merchant account to accept checks.  In addition, there depending on your terminal type, you may need to purchase a check reader to work in conjunction with your terminal or you may opt for an all inclusive terminal that will process both credit card transactions and checks.  The only true way to confirm if funds are available is when a card holder uses a debit card for purchase.