Setting up PPS | Commerce SDK and Converge

    1. Request Converge Credentials at,
      1. Account ID
      2. User ID
      3. Temporary Password
    2. Login to Converge Pay
      1. Create a New User:
      2. Click USER
      3. Click CREATE NEW
      4. Complete required (asterisk) fields.
      5. Go to HOSTED API
      6. Select YES from drop down menu
      7. Click SUBMIT
      8. Set New User’s Rights:
        1. Click RIGHTS
        2. Designate New User’s Access through a drop down selection menu.
        3. Select ADMINISTRATIVE to add Admin Rights for New User.
        4. Click UPDATE.
      9.  Click TERMINAL to locate the 64 alphanumeric PIN.
      10. Copy/Paste and Email the PIN data along with the Account ID and User ID to,