The Perfect Solution to Grow Your Business

PPS provides Electronic Gift Card/Loyalty Programs that are perfect solutions year round:
• Bring in New Customers
• Increase Sales & Profits
• Encourage Repeat Business
• Simple to Manage
• Merchandise returns
• Promotional marketing tools
• Corporate Charitable gifts
• Customer appreciation
• Holidays and special occasions (customize the look)

How Gift Cards Work

Retains 100% of Purchased Value
• Unlike paper certificates, value is retained for partially used cards
• The sales price is deducted from the card and the remaining balance used later
• Remaining balances bring return visits and ensure that the entire value will be spent at your business
• Monitor transaction details and card balances online
Additional Features
Administrative & Reporting Features
• Daily Transaction Summary – receive a daily report of all stored value cards processed
• Monthly Liability Report – check the outstanding balances of all cards issued
• Cardholder Balance Inquiry – allow card holders to check card balances via the telephone
• Online Administration Tools – track card activity, activate multiple cards, transfer card balances, and access reporting online

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