Service and savings

Our systems are used by thousands of stores just like yours to track inventory, maintain customer histories, and make sales. With a simple user interface and variety of features, it has never been easier to start or upgrade your retail store.

Easy to manage

You’ll have all of our features at your fingertips. Webcam integration allows you to store images of your inventory, customers, and employees, ensuring that identification has never been easier.

Easy to expand

Start with a single, stand-alone computer, or use us for all the systems in your store. You’ll be able to access all of your information from every workstation, instantly.

Easy to understand

Extraordinary reporting features condense your store’s workings into simple, easy-to-read fact sheets. These reports can be customized to give you an overview of your store’s performance, or narrowed down to provide you with in-depth sales information over a particular day.

Easy to enhance

PPS POS comes in two low-priced packages that ensure you’re getting the best fit for your store. The basic comes with everything you need to run a retail store, and Pro adds helpful features like enhanced reporting, accounts payable, and more. If Pro doesn’t have all the features you need, upgrade to the more advanced EZ POS: the retail software that runs your store.

Call us to help you put together the right hardware, software, and support. For more information, call us at (808) 791-1513.

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